Your gift is an investment in our West Hills students and by investing in our students you will help them reach their potential. There are multiple ways you can support the WHES Wolf Pack Foundation.


This fund supports the greatest current needs of the school. These needs vary from time to time. They could be used for sponsoring a teacher to attend a conference, a classroom to purchase updated equipment or any other needs that could benefit the school.


Money donated to this fund will directly support academic programs for the school. One such program is i-Ready. i-Ready a proven program designed to get students excited about learning and to support teachers in the challenge of meeting the needs of all learners. i-Ready requires an annual subscription; the cost of this program is not covered by Knox County.


Money donated to this fund will directly support improvements to the school’s infrastructure. Our current infrastructure fund is focused on a new all-inclusive playground for the school and community. The new playground fundraising is complete and will be installed September 2021. Learn about the playground here.

We are exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make to the Foundation under IRC Section 170.