Fundraising & Events

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for overseeing the Foundation’s fundraising efforts and major events throughout the year. The Committee works with the board to establish a fundraising plan identifying types of outreach events to engage WHES Alumni, local businesses and other community donors. The Committee also takes the lead on coordinating volunteers for fundraising events.


The Marketing Committee’s focus is on building awareness about the Foundation. The Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining a marketing/public relations plan to promote our efforts. The Committee oversees the website and social media presence and assists with other forms of publications. The Committee also coordinates with local media outlets to promote special events and important milestones for the Foundation.

Special Projects

The Special Projects Committee is tasked with identifying and monitoring the special projects at West Hills Elementary School that the Foundation will support. The Committee works alongside the school administration, teachers and PTA to assess needs, research solutions and develop project plans for the Foundation. This Committee also is responsible seeking out grant opportunities to support each project.

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